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Stun is a status condition that will slow any action the victim tries to take. Both movement and attack speed are reduced significantly.

Some monsters can become more dangerous when they are stunned, because they sometimes cause damage before their attack actually reaches a knight. Alpha Wolvers and Zombies are known to sometimes react that way.

Themed EnemiesEdit

Stun is not a possible stratum theme and enemies are rarely, if ever, immune to it, but the following monsters may inflict stun status:

Inflicting StunEdit

Spiral Knights can inflict stun on monsters by using stun vials against them or using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting stun.

Weapons that are able to inflict stun are:

Resisting StunEdit

The following armor sets will grant knights a resistance, but not immunity, to stunning attacks:

The following shields protects knights against sinister stunning strikes.