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Welcome to the Spiral Knights Wiki community! Join us in exploring this new world and discovering its secrets!

  • (4 April, 2014) Patch Notes - April 4, 2014Bug fixes: Fixed items appearing multiple times in the arsenal when they can be stacked. Fixed identical pickups using in multiple quickbar slots. Read more...
  • (3 April, 2014) Patch Notes - April 3, 2014Changes: Rebalanced mission rewards for A Gremlin in Knead.
Basic Training

Icon-Basic Training

Equipment Encyclopedia
Icon-arsenal-small Arsenal Icon-alchemy Crafting
Icon-armor Armor Icon-bomb Bombs
Icon-helmet Helmets Icon-handgun Handguns
Icon-shield Shields Icon-sword Swords
Icon-accessory Accessories Icon-trinket Trinkets
Clockworks Handbook

Icon-Clockworks Handbook

Social Compendium
Icon-social-mp Chat Icon-social-mp Friends
Icon-social-mp Emote Icon-social-mp Guilds
Icon-social-mp Mail Icon-social-mp Ignore
Icon-social-mp Trade

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