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Mist Well
Furniture-Mist Well
Cost: 33,750
Availability: 2F: Any Wing Purchased

A Mist Well is a furniture item that can be placed in Guild Halls.

Description Edit

The process of removing impurities from a chunk of crystallized energy produced more mist energy than the crystal was otherwise worth. This process is commonly referred to as "science".

Obtained From Edit

  • Purchased from the Birdsong Emporium for 33,750 crowns.
  • Available once a Guild Hall is expanded to the second floor.

Using Edit

Crystal Energy (minimum 500) is deposited into the Mist Well and is converted to Mist Energy with a 20% bonus. Guild members can then withdraw the Mist Energy to refill their Mist Energy meter. It can only be used to either completely refill your mist or empty the well.

  • Multiple Mist Wells are functionally useless, due to the Mist being shared between all the wells, rather than each well having its own separate Mist pool.