Status: Freeze
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Status-Player Freeze

A player afflicted by freeze.

Freeze is a status condition that will cause the victim to become frozen in place temporarily. The victim will not be able to move or turn, but can still attack.

Players can attack frozen allies to free them instantly, otherwise a frozen player will thaw out painlessly when the duration ends, or not so painlessly if attacked by a monster. Likewise, frozen monsters are freed if a player or another monster hits them with an attack (regardless of whether or not the attack actually damages them), but unlike players they will take a substantial amount if allowed to thaw out on their own; players are therefore advised to ignore frozen monsters in favor of other targets. Poison does not affect thaw damage.

Themed EnemiesEdit

Freeze-themed enemies are immune to and may inflict freeze status.

Inflicting FreezeEdit

Spiral Knights can inflict freeze on monsters by using freeze vials against them or using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting freeze.

Weapons that are able to inflict freeze are:

Resisting FreezeEdit

The following armor sets grants knights a resistance, but not immunity, to freezing attacks:

The following shields protects against the fury of frosty foes.

The following trinkets will carry a knight through the colder compartments of the Clockworks

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