The Clockworks is the enormous, complex machinery that is the primary make-up of the planet Cradle. It is responsible for moving levels around inside each gate, as well as constructing gates and dungeons when minerals are put inside dormant gates before they open.


A colossal network of machines, the Clockworks comprise a vast artificial structure spanning the entire planet just below its surface, containing worlds within worlds. Countless vertical gates allow access all the way to the centre of Cradle. Around every gate rotate numerous floors of great iron discs. Each floor houses numerous geo-globes: biospheres taken from foreign worlds and containing their own light sources, geology and creatures - and often their own weather!

The mines within the Clockworks are traveled by gates with built-in elevators which grant access all the way to the core of Cradle. There are thirty depths from the gates in the Arcade to the final Clockwork Terminal above the Core, each depth capable of holding multiple levels; each level a different possible variation on status and monster themes.

These gates are divided into 3 tiers of two strata each, whose boundaries are marked by subtowns.


The purpose, much less the origins, of the Clockworks is deeply mysterious.


The depths below Haven can be classified into three progressively challenging Tiers - as knights delve deeper into the Clockworks, the monsters encountered become stronger and smarter, and the environments more hazardous. However, the greatest treasures are only available down near the Core, so knights must brave these depths to reap the rewards.

Each Tier covers 8-11 depths, and includes:

  • a subtown (or Party Lobby in the case of Tier 1), where knights are restored to full health;
  • a Clockwork Terminal, a place where knights may change their equipment, recover their health, and purchase supplies; and
  • two separate strata, which determine the themes of each depth.

Knights will need to equip themselves with an appropriate level of equipment according to the recommended star value of each Tier: too low, and a knight risks wandering into peril, too high and equipment effectiveness and bonuses will be reduced.

Tier 1 Edit

Tier 1 is accessible to all knights who have reached Haven (i.e. completed Crossing the Chasm), and runs from depth 0 (Party Lobby) to depth 7, the last level before Moorcroft Manor. It covers 8 depths.

  • The Clockwork Terminal is at depth 4, a place where knights may change their equipment, recover their health, and purchase supplies.
  • It is designed to be playable using 0-1 star equipment; higher-rated equipment receives a reduction in effectiveness.

Tier 2 Edit

The second tier runs from Moorcroft Manor, through 9 levels down to Emberlight, the town of Gremlin Outcasts.

The monsters in Tier 2 are more difficult to defeat than those found in Tier 1, being stronger, faster, and having more health than their Tier 1 counterparts. They also have a wider range of attacks available to them.

  • Clockwork Terminal: Depth 13.
  • Equipment rating: 2-3 star.

Tier 3 Edit

The final tier is where only the most experienced knights should go. This tier encompasses the area from Emberlight (d18) down to the Core.

The monsters in Tier 3 are far more dangerous, as apart from having increased stats all-round, they also have a full range of attacks and behaviors. Powerful beings such as Lord Vanaduke can be found dwelling within this tier.

  • Clockwork Terminal: Depth 23.
  • Equipment rating: 4-5 star.

Tier Clearance Edit

Main article: Hall of Heroes

Due to the increasing danger the further knights delve, knights must be granted clearance before they are able to lead parties into the deeper tiers of the Clockworks. Access to the various tiers is granted by Lieutenant Barrus when a knight has acquired the correct level of equipment.

Originally, you would have to see the Warden at the subtown and had to have the right tier of gear(Usually 2* or up for T2, and 4* and and up for T3).

A knight can explore a tier that they have not yet been cleared for by being invited to join a party started by a knight with access.

Equipment Reduction Edit

When a knight's equipment surpasses the current tier's equipment rating, its effectiveness is reduced. These effects include decreased attack and defense stats, as well as decreased bonuses.

  • Tier 1: equipment 2 star and higher will be reduced in effectiveness
  • Tier 2: equipment 4 star and higher will be reduced in effectiveness
  • Tier 3: equipment effectiveness is not reduced

Effects of Tier on Health Bonuses
Equipment (level) Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
0 star (all) none none none
1 star (all) none none none
2 star (all) -1 none none
3 star (1-4) -1 none none
3 star (5-10) -2 none none
4 star (1-4) -2 -1 none
4 star (5-10) -3 -1 none
5 star (1-4) -3 -1 none
5 star (5-10) -4 -2 none

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