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Autogun ★★☆☆☆
File:Equipment-Autogun Stats.png
  • Level 5+: Charge Time Reduction: Low
  • Level 10: Charge Time Reduction: Medium

Description Edit

A fully automated handgun capable of rapidly firing powerful bolts of energy.

Attacks Edit

Basic Attack Edit

A burst of medium speed, low damage shots in spread up to 6 squares long and 3 squares wide. Two bursts fired before reloading. Although there is no recoil when firing, the user cannot move during the attack.

Charge Attack Edit

A burst of more powerful shots fired in a wider spread (6 x 5 squares) that sweeps back and forth twice. Same bullet speed and range as the basic attack. Can't move while firing.

Below table shows the approximate charge time in milliseconds:

None Low Medium High V. High Ultra Max
Autogun 2600 2400 2200 2000 1800  ?  ?

Damage Edit

The following damage values represent the weapon at its completed level, without any UV or bonus from other equipment, and listed as a range found from the first to last floor of each stratum.

Autogun's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Each Bullet (x6) 8 - 8 10 - 12 18 - 21 19 - 17  ?  ?
All Six Hit 48 - 48 60 - 72 108 - 126 114 - 102  ?  ?
Charge: Each Bullet (x15) 8 - 9 11 - 12 21 - 23 21 - 20  ?  ?
Charge: All Fifteen Hit 120 - 135 165 - 180 315 - 345 315 - 300  ?  ?

Vendors Edit

Vendors that sell this item:

Recipe Edit

The 2-star recipe for this item costs 1,000 crowns; the alchemy cost is 400 crowns and 50 energy. Below are the materials needed to make the Autogun.

Name Amount
Crafting-Blue Shard Blue Shard 5
Crafting-Scrap Metal Scrap Metal 2
Crafting-Iron Gear Iron Gear 2

Note: When crafting using a bound item as a precursor, the upgraded item will also be bound.

Alchemy Path Edit

Autogun's alchemy path
☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★

Equipment-Autogun icon

Needle Shot
Equipment-Needle Shot icon

Strike Needle
Equipment-Strike Needle icon

Blitz Needle
Equipment-Blitz Needle icon

Equipment-Autogun icon

Toxic Needle
Equipment-Toxic Needle icon

Blight Needle
Equipment-Blight Needle icon

Plague Needle
Equipment-Plague Needle icon

Equipment-Autogun icon

Equipment-Pepperbox icon

Fiery Pepperbox

Volcanic Pepperbox
Equipment-Volcanic Pepperbox icon

Trivia Edit

The Autogun, as well as the rest of the Pepperbox line, appear to be modeled after a toy gun, more specifically the NERF Maverick.

See Also Edit

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